Cultivating Sustainable Futures

“Cultivating Sustainable Futures: Exploring Green Building Concepts with Ms. Niveditha Dileep”  Ms. Niveditha Dileep, an Associate Counsellor at the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), shared insights […]

Celebrating Environmental Commitment

“Celebrating Environmental Commitment: Nippon Paint India Marks the Sixth Harit Prem Bharat Mahotsav“  Nippon Paint India is commemorating the sixth edition of the Harit Prem Bharat […]

Shaping Tomorrow’s Architects through Design Competitions

Prof. Niraj Naik Professor & HOD (Urban and RegionalPlanning) Institute of Design, Planning & Technology (IDPT)-SCET Sarvajanik College of Eng. & Tech. (SCET) Architecture competitions, such […]

Design – Exploration, Competitiveness and AYDA

Ar. Tawhid Khan  Director- Nativity SustEnable Development Design  Visiting Faculty – Dayananda Sagar College of Architecture  Design – Exploration and Competitiveness   Do we perceive design and […]

Exploring Creative Frontiers: AYDA – Nurturing Young Minds

KAVITA FATARPEKAR Associate Professor, Pearl Academy Design and Innovation is a constant process that needs new creative approaches to convert into tangible outcomes. Design thinking involves […]

A Note to all the Women

Sujitha Arvind || AA Dezine Studios   Are we not the real architects of society?   We not only shape the built environment but also the people who […]

Women in the Male dominant construction world

Ar. Suraksha Acharya || Founder, Midori Architects  Over the 15 years I have been passionately developing my architectural style can be best described as a blend […]

Confidence, Resilience, Patience and Hard Work always makes a difference

Ar. Varuna Arvind || Arvind Varuna Associates  Women in architecture / design should be strong, knowledgeable, intuitive & not shy to express themselves!!  I believe working […]

Breaking Stereotypes

Ar. Shruthi Konde || Design Studio “When you’re are building a room, you are building character and character is the strength and wisdom of a home” […]

Empowered Women, Empower Women

Samhita M || Ela Green Building and Infrastructure consultants One of my favorite quotes is empowered women, empower women’ having been raised and guided by empowered […]

Holistic Sustainability comes when you CONNECT

Ar. Roopakala D S || RR Architects and Associates  The concept of holistic sustainability can only be achieved through participatory design approach. Nippon’s initiative ‘connect’ is […]

Embrace the equality – Stepping out of the comfort zone

The year 2023 has dawned bright on a whole range of prospects post the Covid era, be it awareness of the Earth’s well being, a close […]

Earth Day: A Reminder to Save Earth

Earth Day: A Reminder to Save Earth World Earth Day is observed every year across the globe on April 22 and the theme of the day […]

Why is the Taj Mahal considered one of the biggest inspirations for architects?

The Taj Mahal is an iconic piece of Indo-Islamic architecture built in the name of the love of an emperor for his wife. The stunning monument […]

What inspires Architects?

Architecture is the necessity of our community, and architects are always under the pressure of creating something new and innovative. When speaking of creating something new […]

Top things to note on Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Hagia Sophia, also known as Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, is a worshipping place in Istanbul, Turkey. Hagis Sophis is one of the iconic examples of beautiful […]

Top Places to Study Architecture

If you are exploring the best places to suit your architecture career and are in search of options, then you have landed in the right place. […]

Top 5 Books to read as an architect and what can you learn from them

Architecture knowledge is not restricted to merely classrooms and lectures. It grows with every project you assist, every work you study, and every book you read. […]

Some famous architects and their creations

Architects are one of the most creative communities in our society. Most times, an architect’s work goes nameless, and an average individual never knows the contribution […]

Making the right choice while deciding the materials to use in construction

Choosing the right material for an architectural project is one of the basic level tasks. It requires several considerations of varying factors. An architect must possess […]

Influential Architectural Trends

The architecture world witnesses a lot of innovations with each passing year. Some of them receive immense appreciation and turn to become trends over some time. […]

How to find a suitable architect?

When on the side of an investor and planning to invest a fortune in a construction project, you would be eager to find a suitable architect […]

How does color combinations change with the type of climate in a region?

Architecture is affected by several factors. Two such essential factors are color and climate. The climate of a place influences the color combinations to use while […]

Exploring the top architectural buildings to take inspiration from and learn

Top architectural structures are an inspiration for designers, architects, architecture students, and others in the architecture field. There is so much learning hidden in the designing, […]

Different kinds of Architecture Styles

The Islamic Style – Islamic style of architecture began in the 7th century in the Middle East. Marking its beginning at places like Spain and North […]

Challenges faced by an Architect

The architecture industry is full of innovative works and all across the world. There are excellent projects designed and built regularly, be it commercial buildings, residential […]

Best tourist places to visit for Architecture Lovers

A city is well-known across the world by its architecture style. A city witnesses architectural evolution through movements and transforms itself now and then. Architecture lovers […]

Architectural trends that can solve climate change issues

Structures created by architects are essentials of an environment that would affect the further 100s of years of human life. The changing climate has enhanced the […]

A Career in Architecture Industry

Architects have an evolving career with immense scope in the field. It requires working in offices as well as outdoors at the project sites. The analytical […]

Difference between an Architect and Interior Designer

Interior Designers and Architects both create designs plans for structures. The difference between both their roles lies in what kind of designs they develop. Architecture is […]

Elements of Architecture

Architectural structures look impressive and magnificent in real life but are complex to build. A successful architecture structure is a combination of several elements, such as […]

Types of Architects and their jobs?

Architecture offers varying career options, owing to the several jobs that fall in its domain. Architects work on small projects, like a room or bigger ones […]

How to become an architect? A step by step guide

Architects are designers responsible for crafting a variety of creative concepts, buildings, and structures for several industries. Architects are offered competitive salaries in the market, and […]

Indian Architectural styles

Indian architecture has been renowned worldwide for its intricacy, grandeur, and magnanimity. India is home to several monuments, modernistic buildings, and baroque that echo the stories […]

Architectural wonders of India

India is home to excellent architecture for decades. Magnificent structures like massive stupas, grand forts, ancient temples, etc. have been built and restored over the years. […]

Factors that affect Architectural Designs

Several factors affect architectural designs that lead to unique outcomes. Creating an architecture design, that abides by all the factors, and simultaneously satisfies the client requirement […]

The most Beautiful and Creative Skyscrapers in the World to take Reference from

Skyscrapers have been an inspiration for architects over centuries. The most talked-about Skyscrapers hold some of the world records and are renowned tourist attractions. Let us […]

How to Increase the Ventilation of a Property with Architecture?

Natural ventilation is an essential aspect of an architectural structure. This feature is of utmost importance for residential constructions. In an architectural structure, ventilation is improved […]

Making the right choice while deciding the materials to use in construction

Choosing the right material for an architectural project is one of the basic level tasks. It requires several considerations of varying factors. An architect must possess […]

What can you learn from the construction of Burj Khalifa?

Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper worldwide, is a marvel in the architecture industry. It is one of the most popular tourist places in Dubai. This iconic […]

Pros of Hiring an Expert Architect

Hiring one of the best architects while investing in your dream project is half the job done. The base of any pleasing and durable architecture design […]

How art influences architecture?

Art and architecture have been a fascinating combination for centuries. Designers are considered artists, and the balance required to merge in both is quite a challenging […]

Features of a Good Architecture

A good architecture features some basic characteristics that make it stand out. A structure that flaunts all the principal characteristics is said to be long-lasting and […]

Exploring the new Eco-friendly architecture concepts and how to adopt them

Climate change and other environmental challenges are one of the biggest concerns for humans in the modern world. Corporations and people all over the Globe are […]

Exploring the new Eco-friendly architecture concepts and how to adopt them

Climate change and other environmental challenges are one of the biggest concerns for humans in the modern world. Corporations and people all over the Globe are […]

How does Color affect your Architecture?

Color plays an essential role not just in the natural ambience but also in the architectural environment. It has played a role in the evolution of […]

How to boost your creative thinking as an architect?

Facing a creative roadblock on your current project? Out of ideas for designing something unique? Tired of doubting your abilities and comparing yourself to creative geniuses? […]

How is 3D printing reshaping architecture?

The field of architecture has witnessed a lot of changes in the past two decades, and we continue to see disruptions with new technologies and solutions. […]

Top Project Management Tools for Architects

Architecture is one of the most challenging services in the construction Industry. An architect has to take a holistic approach to every project and take care […]

Emerging Trends That Will Shape the Future of Architecture

The world of architecture has been changing with the speed of light for the past few years. We have witnessed significant changes and continue to see […]

O-14 DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is well known for skyscrapers, O-14 is a 347 ft seven-star hotel well known for the unique design it possesses. Exoskeleton structured star hotel, 0-14 […]


The budding Indian architects in recent days consider architecture as only structures, and they are more into one form of architectural practice i.e.) Modern architecture. So, […]


Around the world, the architect profession had been dominated by men until the 21st century. The advent of various interior design concepts & sophisticated wall designs […]


A distinct Indo-Islamic architectural style that was developed in northern and central India under the Mughal emperors between 16th and 18th century is the Mughal architecture. […]


In India, architecture is not just a structure or building but it is closely associated with tradition and culture. The traditional architecture used the locally available […]


One of the oldest architectures in the world is the Dravidian architecture. This unique style of architecture was initially designed and built by Pallava Dynasty from […]


Sydney’s one central park tower was designed by two renowned architects named Foster & Ateliers Jean Nouvel. This tower is not only known for its architecture […]


Colours are one of the accidental inventions of man. Initially, colours were used to differentiate properties from an individual to an individual and later it took […]

Cost-Effective Architecture

Cost-effective architecture is a process of constructing a peerless building at a minimal cost, and it involves a series of process that needs to come together. […]

Asia Young Designer Awards (AYDA)

The Asia Young Designer Awards (AYDA), established in 2008 is part of Nippon Paint’s vision to nurture the region’s next generation designers. Each year through AYDA, […]

Kid Friendly Architecture

Have you ever designed a home with kids in mind? Most homes in today’s world are not designed conducive to kids. Even, couples expecting a child […]


Working as an architect gives you the opportunity to take the world in the forward direction. It enables us to move away from the designs of […]

The Race of the Vertical

The Race of the Vertical A retelling of human ego Humans have made very little attempt to cover up their ego’s constant need to stand tall […]


CELEBRATING TRADITIONAL CRAFTS AN ODE TO THE DOERS The monolithic Vimana of the Thanjavur Big Temple or the sculptural marvel that Ajanta and Ellora are, the […]


ARCHITECTURE & TECHNOLOGY The utopian love affair Zaha Hadid, Frank O Gehry, Bjarke Ingels, Toyo Ito and Rem Koolhaas are all architects who hail from different […]

The two tales of a Building

The two tales of a Building A culture called Adaptive Reuse Along the waterfront of Hamburg, The Kaispeicher A was a cocoa factory designed in 1966 […]


HUES OF ARCHITECTURE BLACK IS NOT THE NEW BLACK Every action of the human is a reaction to a certain desire. In this accord, colours are […]

The Monsoon Tryst

The Monsoon Tryst A tale of tropical love Tropical architecture has, for long, celebrated the various moods of nature by responding to the sun, the wind […]

Madras Chronicles

  Madras Chronicles Who doesn’t love Chennai? From wide avenues lined with buildings that over 100 years old, to a swanky IT corridor and everything in […]

Mindfulness and more with Ar. Loganathan

  CONNECT – Talks about lights, mindfulness and more with Ar. Loganathan

Ar. Oscar G.Concessao

  Ar. Oscar G.Concessao talks about Uplifting rural communities and empowering women.

Ar. Sheila Sri Prakash

Let’s Know – The Dancing House, Prague

The Prague Dancing House is a property of the great historical significance which resembles the legendary Hollywood dance duo- Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It is […]

The Sydney Opera House – Iconic building of the 20th century

The Sydney Opera House is an iconic building of the 20th century, cherished internationally and treasured by the people of Australia. It is the masterpiece of […]

Taipei 101 – the iconic paradigm

Taipei 101 is the iconic paradigm for the architectural marvel in the world. Taipei 101 (formerly known as Taipei World Financial Centre) is the prestigious landmark […]

The Lotus Temple – representation of the of mankind- Humanity

Bahai Temple or the Lotus Temple is an elegant representation of the biggest religion of mankind- Humanity. It is one of the notable tourist attractions in […]

Let’s Know – The Empire State Building

New York City is undoubtedly one of the biggest cities in the world. The Empire State Building is one of the famous attractions in the Big […]

Summer Architecture Techniques

Scorching summers are here and the use of air conditioning systems for cooling buildings has increased exponentially all around the world. Due to the cooling load […]

Health and Design

HEALTH & DESIGN Architecture is a meaningful assembly of spaces that are crafted to serve its users. By designing a space, an architect has a profound […]

6 lessons for the young architect from the life of B.V Doshi

6 LESSONS FOR THE YOUNG ARCHITECT FROM THE LIFE OF B.V. DOSHI If you are an inventor like he was, you want to see things as […]