Nippon Weatherbond Advance is an all-weather protection exterior paint which possesses a unique lamination technology with silicone, providing twice the toughness and durability resulting in supreme protection against harsh weather conditions. It provides excellent resistance to flaking, efflorescence and alkali. It has Ultra-low VOC ensuring a safe Environment.

Weatherbond Advance Product Features

Features Action Benefit
Wetherbond-1 Lamination Technology Silicone powered lamination technology protects the exterior walls from excess heat, dirt and rain Delivers all weather protection hence retaining the external beauty of the house
Wetherbond-2 Ultra Low VOC Does not emit harmful air-polluting vapours and paint colour that cause eye irritation, headaches, nausea etc. Near-Zero Odour while painting and after Environment friendly and healthy paint.
Wetherbond-3 Dirt-pickup-resistant Does not allow dirt/dust to settle on the walls The exteriors look new and beautiful for long.

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