Your home’s facade stands exposed to the critical eye of first impressions. And first impressions are seldom forgotten. Your exteriors are a reflection of all that lies within, which makes how it is remembered is important. Nippon Paint’s range of exterior paints gives your walls an impression that invokes envy and lasts a lifetime. Its paints boast of properties like water-resistance, dirt-pickup-resistance, anti-algae, anti-fungi, alkali-resistance and UV-resistance. These exterior emulsions will protect & preserve the freshness of your home and the impression it leaves


NIPPON PAINT WETHERBOND PRO is a high performance, pure acrylic exterior painting system which offers outstanding protection for exterior surfaces. The product also offers unique protection against water, algal attack, dust pick-up, hairline crack bridging, efflorescence and extreme weather. Weatherbond PRO base paint is an elastomeric paint with fibers which ensure high performance. Weatherbond PRO system provides effective waterproofing and anti-carbonation properties.


NIPPON PAINT WEATHERBOND ADVANCE is an all-weather protection exterior paint which possesses a unique lamination technology with silicone, providing twice the toughness and durability bringing about supreme protection against harsh weather conditions.


NIPPON PAINT BODELAC ENAMEL is a specially-blended, alkyd-based synthetic enamel.It has no added lead or chrome compounds, thus making it safe for home and environmental friendly. It has excellent gloss retention for a luxurious look and is suitable for a wide variety of interior and exterior metal, wood and masonry surfaces.


NIPPON PAINT DURAFRESH XPERT is a specially formulated high performance exterior emulsion paint with heat bantechnology and silicon ideally suited for tropical weather conditions. It imparts a rich sheen finish and provides betteranchoring and water repellency. It has anti-algal and dirt resistance to keep your walls look new for a longer time.


NIPPON PAINT SUMO XTRA is a specially formulated water based emulsion with color-lock technology which ensures that the colors look bright and clean. Its unique water resistant property keeps your exterior walls protected and there is no blistering or peeling of the paint film.


NIPPON PAINT SAMURAI is a specially formulated water based acrylic emulsion paintideally suited for dry and moderately humid climatic conditions. It is anti-peel, anti-fungal and resists fading. It is durable and offers good hiding and spreading.The paint doesn’t peel off from the wall or flake, hence the walls look beautiful for longer periods


NIPPON PAINT SHOGUN is a specially formulated acrylic-modified based exterior emulsion paint suitable for exterior dry and less humid weather conditions. Its superior ingredients ensure that the exterior wall is protected from algal & fungal attack hence keeping it spotless for long.


NIPPON PAINT ATOM 2-IN-1 multi-purpose Emulsion is flat and durable paint which makes it ideal for both interior and exterior surfaces. Following extensive R&D and by listening to our decorating partners’ inputs, this dynamic paint has been developed for maximum performance which is based on acrylic modified emulsion.

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