Nippon Roof Coating is an acrylic paint that is specially formulated for painting and repainting asbestos and roof tiles. It is easy to apply and forms a smooth, tough durable film with excellent gloss. It is also resistant to fungi, water and dirt pick-up.

Roof Coating Product Features

Features Action Benefit
Bodelac-Enamel-2 High gloss Roofs looks glossier and brighter Gives a rich luxurious look and feel to to the tiles/roofs
Wetherbond-3 Dirt-pickup-resistant It doesn’t allow dirt/dust to settle on the tiles/roofs easily. Therefore the tiles/roofs look new and beautiful for years.
Samurai-3 Anti-Algal It does not allow algae or fungus to breed and form colonies on the roofs. The roof looks rich and spotless, for longer.

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