Nippon Paint Spotless NXT Premium Interior Emulsion is a specially-formulated acrylic emulsion paint that repels household stains such as tea, coffee, juices, ink, hand-prints, etc. Our unique ‘Swan-back’ technology makes it highly resistant to the penetration of water-borne stains, and causes them to form beads. This ‘beading effect’ ensures stains don’t stick and can be removed easily without damaging the paint. Nippon Paint Spot-less NXT is a high-quality paint that is suitable for bedrooms, hallways, living and dining rooms.

Spotless NXT Product Features

 Features Action Benefit
Spot-less-1 Repels Stains Water borne stain that comes in contact of the walls, forms into beads & rolls down like lotus leaf. Stain free clean walls resulting in a healthy environment.
Dr-Bond-2 Ultra Low VOC It does not emit any odour during and after painting hence reducing the risk of any irritation. headache or nausea Healthy interiors — ensures that home owners can occupy the house immediately after painting
Spot-less-3 Good Washability It possesses excellent washability making the surfaces easier to clean than usual Trouble-free cleaning of the walls

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