Tips To Transform Your Living Room With Colours

If you’re looking to giving your space a fresh-face, be it a quick makeover or something significant, it is important to remember that small things make the biggest impact. Here are 4 ways to add colour to your room and liven up the whole space.

Choose a nature-inspired palette

Popping colours create a lasting impact. But sometimes, subtle and understated tones that linger between deep browns, soft greens and grays exudes a sophisticated ambiance and create a delightful environment. In fact, they can be paired with any colour and they would unapologetic-ally compliment it. If you feel that it looks muddy and dull, team it with yellows and blues to give your space a modern update.

Balance shades with textures

Pair solid colours with interesting textures to create an awe-inspiring look. Be adventurous with textures and place complimenting furniture to create a look that is chic and contemporary. Choose contrasting colours for the textures and the solids or settle on a heady mix of textures, tones and patterns to create a graduated effect and add personality to your space.

Go beyond the walls

Breathe a new life into your space and perk up your living room by using a palette of soft pastels in the most unconventional places. Splash across some paint in the doorframe, window mullions, closets, bookshelves, desks etc. to add a welcoming charm and to create a living space that is big on style. But, be sure to prime your furniture before smothering it with paint for a smoother finish.

Blues, Purples and Ice Cream Shades

Add elements of luxury by painting your living room in purple. This decadent colour lends a sense of luxury. But, it is important to choose a chalky, matte shade of purple or you’re running the risk of making your space look dated. Blues, ice cream colours and other soft pastels add a sweet harmony to your place. They create a soothing ambience and a happy environment.


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