NIPPON PAINT ODORLESS AIR-CARE is an air purifying paint that contains active carbon technology which converts formaldehyde in to water vapor, bringing about the clean fresh air. It also has ultra-low VOC and no odor is anti-bacterial and possesses superior wash-ability. Additionally it does not contain lead and mercury, it is ideal for eco-sensitive buildings.

Anti-Formaldehyde & Active Carbon Technology


Near Zero VOC & Near Zero Odour

Superior, Washable & Scrub Resistance

COVERAGE : 110 – 130 ft 2/liter/coat.

DILUTION : 10% by volume with clear and portable water. Gives best performance when nippon Paint Multi purpose Wall Sealer is used as under coat.

FINISH : Egg shell finish.

USES : Can be used on Interior walls, Ceiling, hard and soft boards.

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