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As Paul Klee rightly stated “Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” The subconscious nature of color allows it to impact the deeper essence of our life. However, multiple researchers prove that colour preferences and colour emotions are culture specific and not universal. In a pluralist country like India, color psychology is also wide and varied depending on the cultural synthesis, climate, ethnography, origin, demography and socio-political scenarios. Keeping the very essence of this country as ‘unity in diversity’ Nippon Paint collaborated with National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) to develop a home color forecast specially for India, focused on regional essences. The Nippon ColorVision development is in process through neuro-color-image study and qualitative deep-dive research. The project is led by Dr. Kaustav SenGupta, Associate Professor in NIFT and color expert. Over two decades, he has consulted for brands such as Nike, Nokia, Lenovo, Coke, Skull Candy, Zara, BBC, British Council, Kia Motors, Samsung, Groupe Adeo, Facebook, Titan, Tata International, NTT Data etc. In his Doctoral study, he has established a copyright protected unique model of color-emotion-image-psychographic association for India. He is associated with research agencies such as Future Lab UK, Plan UK, Mandalah Japan, Ruby Pseudo UK, Murmur UK, WGSN etc. Nippon Paint Holdings Co. Ltd. is the seventh largest paint manufacturer globally (based on revenue) with well-established global research base and innovation centres. The company and its subsidiaries has presence in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Norway, Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, United States, Brazil, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bangladesh.

The proposed forecast will primarily focus on two broad regions of India as North and South zone. In future, the same will extend to East and West zone too. The forecast will also have a special section for Millennials. This home color forecast will be open source and available to the public to access for free from Nippon website. Nippon and NIFT hope that the Nippon ColorVision will be useful to the ace architects, interior designers, home-decor-product designers, Gen Next design enthusiast, home-design based Start-ups, design students and academicians across India and South East Asia. The first issue of the forecast will focus on 2019-20. Through this forecast, the real regional essence of India will be depicted.

Focus Group Discussion (South)

Focus Group Discussion (North and West)

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